Finding a Grave

Finding a Family Lot

Sections of Green Lawn

There are currently six sections in Green Lawn Cemetery. Click on a link to view a schematic diagram of a section in Adobe's pdf format.

Section 1

This is an inactive area starting at Main Street and extending about two hundred feet towards the school; it spans the full width of the cemetery. Burials there started in 1781.

Section 2

The first row in section 2 starts with the Burnham lot [the statue of a girl.] It stops just shy of the last large maple to the west of the avenue, about 300 feet. It is essentially inactive now.

Section 3

This section goes to the woods on the west side and approximately straight across to Cemetery Road on the east. The entrance from Cemetery Road passes through section 3; lots 3-51 through 3-60 are north of the entrance; lots 3-60.5 through 3-70 are south.

Section IV

This is a small section that abuts Section A and the easterly side of section 3. It has only two rows.

Section A

This section has six rows, ending with the double-sized lot surrounded by small yews.Unlike the other sections, the rows of Section A are often not quite parallel.

Section B

The rest of the cleared area is section B; it has not yet been completely laid out.


All of this can be seen on the overview diagram. It is much less clear when you are standing in the midst of the stones.

Notice that the naming of the sections and the numbering of the lots seems a bit haphazard. This reflects the 21 decades of use and growth of the cemetery and the dozens of Trustees that have had their own idea of how to label things. Because the deeds use those labels, the labels persist.


This is a pdf of an Excel file listing all people known to be buried in Green Lawn. The location of the grave is in the 15th, 16th, and 17th field of a record.

To associate more names with the lots, please refer to the Mont Vernon Historical Society's book, "Lives Once Lived Here."