Lamson Farm Commission

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Lamson Farm Day will be held at the farm on Saturday, September 28th, 2024.

See you there!

The Lamson Farm is a working farm, house, and museum at the North end of Lamson Road in Mont Vernon, NH. The farm no longer produces milk directly, but the hay is harvested by another farm in town that does produce milk. The harvesting is mutually beneficial because the fields otherwise would in a few years revert to brush with no economic benefit and limited recreational use. All but the house and two acres are legally constrained to recreational use.

Recreational use happens informally throughout the year - hiking, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, etc., but most recreational use happens each year on Lamson Farm Day, the last Saturday in September when the town celebrates the site. The Commission arranges for displays by various groups in town, activities such as hay rides, and a chicken barbeque.

Except for one room, the first floor of the house is rented. That room and the entire second floor are a museum open to the public on Lamson Farm Day.

Commission Members

NameTitleTerm Expires
Zoe Fimbel

Chairman / Historical Society Rep.

Term Expires 2024

Kevin Pomeroy

Vice Chair / At Large Rep.

Term Expires 2025

Frank Oudheusden

Treasurer / At Large Rep.

Term Expires 2024

Earle Rich

At Large Rep.

Term Expires 2026

Mark Walker

At Large Rep.

Term Expires 2026

Recreation Commission Rep.

Term Expires 2024

Tom Wahle

Conservation Commission Rep.

Term Expires 2026

Louis Springer

Tenant Liaison