Strategic Advisory Committee

The Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) was newly formed in July of 2022. SAC was charted by the Selectmen as an Advisory role only and working with Selectman, Department Heads, Committees, and Residents to assess and articulate suggested actions for improving our community.

The Strategic Advisory Committee meets twice per month on the first and third Tuesday, 7pm, at the fires station and is currently focused on two areas:

  • Review Mont Vernon Master Plan – Produce draft gap assessment and suggestions
  • Review Mont Vernon Capital Improvement Plan – Produce draft gap assessment and suggestion with 12-year outlook.

SAC findings and suggestions will be delivered to Mont Vernon Selectmen and Planning Board by year end 2022.

Current Committee is made up 9 residents with diverse backgrounds. Please join any of the public working sessions If you have interest to learn more and participate.

Board Members

Name Title
John F. Quinlan, Jr Selectmen's Rep
Tim Angulas
Heather Allain
Chris Blunt
Andrew Stokinger
Sean Yamamoto
Eileen Naber Secretary
Pim Grondstra
Paul Lavertu Chair
Stephanie Vore-Apple