Board of Cemetery Trustees

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you find what you are looking for, but if not please contact any of the trustees by phone or the town offices for referral. We are working to offer interactive forms for purchase of lots and scheduling burials. If you would like assistance with cemetery-related genealogy, or have general cemetery questions, please contact any trustee.

Mont Vernon, New Hampshire, has one active cemetery in service since 1781, one not yet developed, and four small *burial grounds. Genealogists and other researchers can find detailed information and photographs in a book, Lives Once Lived Here, published by the Mont Vernon Historical Society. Inquiries can be emailed.

This web site provides our residents with procedural information about Green Lawn and the other cemeteries.

The cemetery is managed entirely by three elected trustees whose staggered terms expire yearly. Trustees sell burial spaces in the cemetery known as a Right to Inter (formerly called a deed) which does not  confer ordinary real estate rights. Trustees other duties include, but are not limited to, arranging grave openings, maintaining grounds, writing and enforcing cemetery Rules & Regulations.

Consider service to your town by running for the elected position of a cemetery trustee. Some skills are helpful such as being familiar with typical office computer software and organizing people and tasks to be performed. A trustee position is one of basic property management.

Changing customs, technology and law sometimes necessitates Rules & Regulations changes. It is important to determine if you have a current copy of the RULES when you purchase a lot or arrange for a burial. A current version is usually available at the offices of the town clerk, selectmen, brochure holders at the cemetery and from the individual trustees.

Only current or former residents are permitted to buy lots. The procedure is detailed in the Rules & Regulations at the sidebar.

All remains are buried by a contractor selected by the trustees. Follow the Burials link at the side bar for guidance.

The owner of a Right-to-Inter (lot) determines who may be buried within their space. A change in the laws in 2001 provides guidance if the original owner has transferred ownership. Anyone anticipating a burial in an old lot should follow this guidance well in advance of an immediate need. Note that the RSA's make transfers subject to restrictions in the Rules.

Note also that if any material presented here is in conflict with current RSA’s, the RSA shall prevail.

*Burial grounds described in the book : Elliot on Mason Road, McColley on the Francestown Tpk, Peabody on Beech Hill Road, and Swinnington on Old Wilton Road. Note that all are on private property and may only be accessed with permission of the owner.


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