Buying a Lot

How to Buy a Lot

If you live in Mont Vernon, start by calling a Cemetery Trustee, any of whom can answer your questions. You will then be refered to the particular Trustee that handles "lot sales" to fill out the a "RIGHT TO INTER" (RTI) document. The current cost of a lot is $1200 for a lot that can accomodate four full burials, twice that number of cremation burials, or a mix of the two types. There are some lots half that size, capacity, and price. In 2021 we will be offering 6'x6' lots with up to 4 cremation burials for $400.

The term, "lot sales", above is in quotes because these are not transactions of real estate. What you are buying is the right to designate who will be buried in the lot and the right to put monuments on the lot, i.e. the usual rights in a cemetery.

The current Cemetery Trustees are:

Alyson Miller         Secretary                       603 801 7446
Jay wilson             Treasurer                          603 554 7284
Louis Springer       Chairman                      603 318 1476

If you don't currently live in Mont Vernon but once did, or if you want to transfer a Right to Inter to someone who is not a resident, you should talk to a Trustee. It is difficult to encode in the Cemetery Rules all the transfers to relatives that might make sense.