Mont Vernon Historical Society

Post Office inside town museum
Post Office inside town museum

The Mont Vernon Historical Society is an independent volunteer organization to promote the study of the town's history, and to preserve and display items from our history in the town museum. Founded in 1975, it gets no taxpayer money.

The museum, library, office and storage space are located in the upstairs of Town Hall on Main Street.

Business meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of most months at 7 p.m in Town Hall. Consider joining: It's only $20 per year or $200 for life membership - just $2 a year for those 18 and under.

Check out our newsletters, chock full of interesting historical tidbits and photos:

Check out these oral histories:

The history of Mont Vernon schools since the 1970s, including building MVVS and breaking away from Milford by Bob Naber, former school board member

Life as a kid in Mont Vernon before World War II from Jane Conant, longtime town resident and historian

The history of our schools, both public and private, from the 19th century - a lecture given in the library in 2018, including audience memories of the old Center School and McCollom Building when it was the town elementary school

Here are a couple of written timelines:

- Timeline of the schools (mostly private) that have occupied the McCollom Building

- Timelines of public schools in town, starting in 1804


Mont Vernon Historical Society
P.O. Box 15
Mont Vernon, NH 03057