Heritage Commission

The Heritage Commission is a group of community members appointed by the Board of Selectmen to preserve the history and heritage of Mont Vernon through tax deductible private funding and grants. Grant funds can be used for architectural studies, some planning and individual tasks involved with repair. Municipal grants typically require a 50% match, and for this reason, we are active in the community with fundraising initiatives in order to keep growing the Heritage Fund without complete reliance on the taxpayers. The Heritage Fund provides matching dollars for grants written by the Heritage Commission for its preservation efforts. Contrary to popular belief, we are not only tasked with working on the preservation of the Town Hall building, although this project is currently the bulk of our work. We are also working on a catalogue of historic homes and structures within the Town that may be in need of preservation or restoration. Any resident of Mont Vernon interested in adding their historic homes or structures to the historic register are welcome to contact us for assistance. Grants are available to individuals for preservation work as well, and the Heritage Commission can help!

The Heritage Commission meets monthly on the second Thursday at 7:00pm. Currently all meetings are held in the meeting room at Town Hall. The public is welcome to attend!

The Heritage Commission is looking for new members! Volunteers interested in the identification and preservation of our valued historic resources should reach out to any member of the Commission listed below or attend a meeting for more information. These volunteers could possess skills in the areas of history, historic preservation, building and construction, renovation and restoration, architecture and more.


NameTitleTerm Expires
Rebecca Schwarz

Chair/Historic District Commission Rep


Brian Billow

Vice Chair


Jessica Pomeroy



Howard Brown

Selectmen's Rep, Voting Member


Zoe Fimbel


Anna Rorbacher-Szok


Sarah Beth Ross